Saturday, February 20, 2016


I can't believe it, but our little lady turned 2 yesterday!

Here's what she's up to at 2 years old:
-Being my pickiest eater and pretty much surviving on bread and butter, which really means butter.  She requests "more cheese" over and and over during meals, which means she wants us to put more butter on the bread so she can lick it off.
-Cucumbers are pretty much the only vegetables she'll eat, but she loves most fruit.
-Saying "want snack" about 5 minutes after finishing breakfast and for every 5 minutes after that until I finally cave and give her something.
-Doing great with potty training!  We only started this a week ago, so we'll see if she sticks with it, but she seems to be well on her way to being diaper free.
-Loving her baby dolls.
-Napping for about 2 hours every afternoon and sleeping 7pm until about 6:30am every night.  She's FINALLY a solid sleeper.
-Being a bit more emotional than she needs to be about any misstep by her brothers.
-Sticking right by my side the whole time Matthew and Andrew are at school.
-Saying "thank you. you're welcome" whenever you give her something she wants.
-Asking for "Matthew. Hug. Andrew. Hug. Dada. Hug." every night at bedtime.


Baby went poopies
Just doing some reading under the coffee table.
Thanks for the push, big brother.  Maybe.  Or not.

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