Saturday, February 20, 2016


I can't believe it, but our little lady turned 2 yesterday!

Here's what she's up to at 2 years old:
-Being my pickiest eater and pretty much surviving on bread and butter, which really means butter.  She requests "more cheese" over and and over during meals, which means she wants us to put more butter on the bread so she can lick it off.
-Cucumbers are pretty much the only vegetables she'll eat, but she loves most fruit.
-Saying "want snack" about 5 minutes after finishing breakfast and for every 5 minutes after that until I finally cave and give her something.
-Doing great with potty training!  We only started this a week ago, so we'll see if she sticks with it, but she seems to be well on her way to being diaper free.
-Loving her baby dolls.
-Napping for about 2 hours every afternoon and sleeping 7pm until about 6:30am every night.  She's FINALLY a solid sleeper.
-Being a bit more emotional than she needs to be about any misstep by her brothers.
-Sticking right by my side the whole time Matthew and Andrew are at school.
-Saying "thank you. you're welcome" whenever you give her something she wants.
-Asking for "Matthew. Hug. Andrew. Hug. Dada. Hug." every night at bedtime.


Baby went poopies
Just doing some reading under the coffee table.
Thanks for the push, big brother.  Maybe.  Or not.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

10 months of no posts!

Oh my goodness--remember when I had a blog?

Looks like my last post was on April 1st of last year.  Let's do a top 10 of things that have happened since then:

1.  Andrew turned 6 and started kindergarten, Matthew turned 4 and started preschool, Catherine started talking and bossing around her brothers and adding a decent amount of emotional drama to the house.


2.  We ripped the deck off the back of the house, put in an awesome trench drain in the driveway, ripped up and replaced the kitchen floor ourselves, got new windows and plantation shutters, put in new insulation, and converted our fireplace to gas.


3.  The boys took swim lessons all summer and just started lessons again this week.  Andrew played soccer in the fall and started taking piano lessons in October.

4.  We traveled to Pittsburgh and Illinois in June, took a family road trip to Disneyland in California in October, went to Illinois for Thanksgiving, and I took a girl trip with Catherine to Seattle a few weeks ago.



5.  Bob and I had a weekend on our own in San Diego in November when he went for a conference.

6.  We planted several more trees, a bunch of perennials, and started taking control of our backyard jungle.  Oh--and had a very successful vegetable garden this year!


7.  We only camped once last summer for a night nearby and stayed pretty close to home most of the summer.


8.  Andrew was a robot for halloween, got really into snap circuits and school supplies, and started leaving his toy tools behind.  His thoughts and notes can now be found all around the house.


9.  Matthew was Elliott from ET for halloween, got really into Rescue Bot Transformers, and has been praying every night for the snow to melt so he can mow the lawn again.


10.  Catherine was a ladybug for Halloween, loves her baby dolls, stroller, and whatever her brothers are doing.


So there you have it!  Now, let's see if I can finally get this blog back into my routine.